Crafty Tails:


Have you ever got the feeling your child isn’t human?

Amélie went through a growling stage, and I swear she sounded like a rabbid dog. A cute one of course.

We also regularly call her Améliesaurus, because when she was a newborn she made squeals like (I imagine) velociraptors made.


I thought I would make her a dinosaur tail.


It was super easy and I attached it to her existing pants by unpicking the back seam and sewing it in, that way I didn’t have to dither around with elastic. Want to make one?


Fusible interfacing (I used heavy-weight)

two different types of fabric

Baking paper for pattern


1. Sketch out a tail on some baking paper, then add about 1cm all around seam allowance

2. Sketch (or measure if easier) about five triangles in decreasing sizes and add about .5cm seam allowance

3. Cut interfacing roughly larger than pattern pieces and iron on

4. Cut out pattern pieces (remembering to cut 2 of every piece!)

5. Sew all triangles and clip inside points to make turning easier

6. Sandwich all triangles between tail fabric and pin

7. Sew tail up and turn right side out

8. Unpick back seam of pants and sew it! (And when they grow out of the pants, you can unpick the seam again and reuse the tail in a second pair of pants!)


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