A Year of Firsts


No, I’m not talking about my daughter, although she is extremely cute:


I’m talking about a year of SEWING firsts!

I started sewing about a year ago, six months after Amélie was born.

I have to say, I have done a LOT of sewing since then!

I love it, and today I thought I would share five projects that were firsts for me.

The first one you can see above, an appliqué owl. Loved the result, but it’s layers of fabric are too heavy for a t-shirt. Next time I would make a stuffed toy or cushion.


First pyjama pants for Amélie. With matching ones for me of course (Am I a little bit lame?)


Corduroy pants with woodland appliqué. Appliqué has been a big deal for me- I love putting shapes on things!

These pants gave me a headache though, they were too small for my beautiful daughter’s massive baby thighs and needed altering about three times.

I like how the stretchy waistband turned out though, if Amélie could talk I think she would say she was comfy in it 🙂


Fourthly, underwear.

Never thought I could make my own underwear, but now I’ve made lots, and it’s easy!

Don’t worry I won’t show you! But here are some training pants I made for Amélie to wear when she starts toilet training. They have terry cloth on the inside and PUL on the outside so she feels wet but my carpeted apartment doesn’t!


I tried them on her, and in the 20 seconds they were on her butt, she wet them…


And lastly, altering pants. I never knew I could take something that didn’t fit and make them fit. Here is one example, which nearly killed me.


I couldn’t find a tutorial (I usually get most of my how to from Dana at Made and Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional) so I winged it, and I can’t explain it, but for some reason it was really difficult.

I know, it looks simple, but I couldn’t manage it. I had to unpick seams at least five times because it was just. so. wrong.

Oh well, now I know, you have to unpick some of the pants seams, not just cut the pants off at the knees and expect to be able to sew new fabric into them!

Hopefully there is another year of firsts ahead!


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