Preparing for an HG Pregnancy


A lot of the literature and commentary on the internet focuses on the negatives of HG.

That’s understandable, there aren’t really any positives.

However, as a person considering a second pregnancy, with a high likelihood of HG, I want to try and focus on the positives.

Like my attitude.

Did you know that just 10% of your happiness depends on circumstance?

Like preparing as best I can.

SO… how can you prepare for an HG pregnancy.

I started by making a list…


One of the first items I ticked off was washing all of our baby clothes that Amélie had worn as a newborn, so I would be prepared if the baby was a girl.

This is what my washing lines on our balcony looked like!


I’ve also returned all our library books (last time I racked up fines because I was too sick to return our books),

talked with my doctor about this clinical trial, and got a prescription for maxolon (to take as soon as I get a positive test),

bought a new pram,

and made sure Amélie has clothes that will fit until the end of my pregnancy so I don’t have to buy any.

Oh yeah, and I bought some pregnancy tests!

Wish me luck as I continue to trawl through my list (and hope I actually get pregnant!)


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