I was watching a documentary on happiness.

It was amazing!

This was their illustration of the components that make up happiness:Image

Surprising hey?

40% of your happiness depends on intentional activities you choose to do.

They found one of the best forms of intentional activity that people could use to increase happiness was something called ‘flow’.

Flow is the feeling you get when you lose yourself in an activity, like art, running, music, gardening etc.

Psychologists in the program also found that happiness is not increased by extrinsic goals:

– gaining money

– image and looking good

– status and approval from others

These actually increased dissatisfaction and anxiety.

What increases happiness are intrinsic goals:

– personal growth (learn the guitar, practice rock climbing, doing something that is really ‘you’.)

– forming good and close relationships

– desire to help and make the world a better place

As I head into what has the potential to be an unhappy time, I want to be able to feel that happiness is not just a feeling, but something I can purposefully cultivate.

(The documentary is called ‘Happy’ directed by Roko Belic, it’s on iview at the moment.)


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