Jacket for a Baby


One of my friends is having a baby, and I really wanted to make her little boy a jacket!

We went shopping so she could choose the fabric, and after that, I went a bit nuts!


Her baby shower is in a month, so I thought I would have plenty of time to finish it slowly, you know, get a bit done each day?

I finished it in 48hrs… while I was meant to be studying for my final exam, which is in a week. Hmmm….

I was just so excited to make it!!


I thought I would try to give simple instructions as to how to make one, because as someone self-taught, I found the sewing language and copious instructions… discouraging.


Anyway, if you want to make one, here is a tutorial.

If you don’t have a pattern, you can use an existing jacket your child fits/ will fit, or a long sleeve shirt with about 3cm added all around for seam allowance/ wearing clothing underneath allowance.

You need:

– Outer fabric

– lining fabric

– ‘pop’ fabric (tiny bit for elbow patches and 4 buttons in the same colour)

– matching thread

I bought 3/4 metre of both outer or inner fabric, but I think I had about twice as much as I needed.

First, trace your jacket/shirt/cut out the pattern you have.

If you are tracing an existing piece, you will need:

– 2 front pieces (they will be joined by buttons) (both lining and outer fabric)

– one back piece (both lining and outer fabric)

– hood pieces (trace an existing hood on a different item if yours doesn’t have one, but make sure the length of the bottom of your hood matches with the length of your neckline.)

Then, sew the shoulder seams of your outer fabric together, right sides facing in. Repeat for lining.

Sew hood pieces together, right sides facing, repeat for lining.


Sew lining of hood and outer hood together around the top, right sides facing. Turn and iron. Then topstitch down so the fabric stays together. A topstitch isn’t necessary to hold the hood together, but it will prevent poofiness (technical term).


Sew sides and sleeves together, right sides facing, of both lining and outer.

Now, trickiest bit (not very tricky!) Sew base of hood shut (i.e., inner and outer lining together just as is, not inside out.) Then, sew hood to outer jacket (right sides together.)

Then, get your lining (which should look like a jacket too now) and sew to hood and outer jacket, facing the right sides together, with the sewn hood sandwiched in between.

Fold lining down and iron, then topstitch it down.


After that (you are nearly done!) sew bottom lining and outer together, overlocker and hem.

Turn the cuffs up and sew through lining and outer to hem.

Cut one rectangle of outer fabric 2.5cm wide and 40cm long. These will make your loops.

Fold rectangle in half and press. Then open, and fold both edges towards the centre and iron again, then fold in half and iron again!! You should have one skinny strip of fabric about 5mm or so wide. Stitch this closed and cut into four equal lengths.

Space evenly down the front of the jacket and sew down.


Cut a 2 rectangular panels of lining fabric a bit longer than the body of your jacket, and about 8-10cm wide.

Iron a crease about 1cm from one of the long edges of the panel. Put right sides together over loops and sew, THEN fold on the crease and topstitch down (does that make sense, you are effectively ‘hiding’ your loops, stitches and the raw edge of the fabric).

Fold over the raw edge of the jacket and sew down.

Do the same with the other side.

Sew your buttons on!!




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