A Dress for Amélie


I made a dress for Amélie a few days ago.

She is obsessed with buttons, so Jon suggested I put some big ones on to finish it. Big success! I took some photos of her in it.

At first she was a bit shy:


But then she made some funny faces and allowed me to take photos.


She loved touching the buttons:


And looking at them.


The only bit I didn’t like about how the dress turned out was the interfacing was too stiff. You can see it poking out above. Next time I would just use fabric as facing. Also, the dress got creased so quickly! I’m hoping with lots of washing and ironing the fabric will relax.

I used a pattern called ‘new look 6578’, which is borrowed from a friend. A friend has asked me to make one for her little girl, so hopefully I will get a chance to iron out the flaws of this one (pun intended).

But the real beauty of my photos is Amélie, regardless of the clothes she is in:


So pretty (with strawberry jam on her face)!



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