Améliesarus is her name…


I love Amélie in matching pyjamas, and she only has one pair.

So I thought I would make her some pyjamas that are light enough for summer:


I made them long sleeved because she still doesn’t sleep under the covers!

I started with two long sleeved shirts that didn’t fit me properly, and used one for the pjs and the other for the trim and stegosaurus on the front.


At first I finished the bottom just with a double needle, but the knit was so stretchy (or my skills were so poor) that it looked awful! So I used this post from made by Rae about how to finish knits and put a cuff on the bottom instead. It looked SO much better!!


I also used a newly learnt trick about Appliqué for the dinosaur. Interfacing both behind the dinosaur AND beneath the fabric. Worked great and kept my new embroidery/ darning foot (ACTUALLY it’s real name- ha ha!) from puckering the fabric!


Then I put them on Améliesaurus and let her play!


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