Dr. Bluey in the house


I have three brothers, the youngest one has just finished his second year of medicine.

To look at him, you would NOT think he was going to be a doctor! His hair, for example, is self cut: A shaved-at-the-back-long-at-the-front-poofy-on-top style. Plus it’s really curly, so you can imagine it looks crazy!

He carries a bobby pin around in case he needs to pin it back. I think he thinks that makes it a bit more normal… seriously?!

Anyway, his name is James, but we have always called him Bluey, and for Christmas I made him a case for his iPad that Uni got him:


I made it kind of doctor themed…


with a bit of jest thrown in!


I hope it’s manly enough for him!


Boys are tricky to sew for!

When I was getting the fabrics from my local shop, one of the ladies was like “What are you making?!” Not my normal floral pastels!


Here’s hoping it fits my nerdy brother’s iPAD!


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